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Australian actor Chris Hemsworth never read a Thor comic book and knew nothing about the Norse god of thunder until he got the chance to play him in the movies.

Now, Hemsworth is set to wield the mighty hammer for a worldwide audience when “Thor” opens today. And he will bring his talents to the North Coast this summer when he joins the cast of “The Avengers.” The cast and crew will film scenes in Cleveland in August and September.

“I’ve never been to Cleveland, but I look forward to being a tourist and seeing the sights,” he said in a telephone interview last week from Hollywood. “To be honest, with the long days and hectic shooting schedules, I don’t know how much time I will have but I’ll get in as much as I can.”

He said he got a crash course on Thor when he auditioned for the role.

“I didn’t read comics growing up, I was more of a fantasy fan,” he said. “I read books about fantasy and adventure, and of course, loved to watch films. When they first approached me about playing Thor, I asked who is this guy?


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“Thor” hasn’t hit theaters yet, but star Chris Hemsworth and director Kenneth Branagh hit the El Capitan Theatre with gusto Monday night for the Hollywood premiere of the big-budget studio tentpole film that many are predicting will spawn a new franchise.

Paramount, the studio releasing the movie based on a Marvel comic book, pulled out all the stops, shutting down a portion of Hollywood Boulevard to accomodate the glut of stars — among them Kat Dennings, who plays the goofy sidekick to Natalie Portman’s character in the film — who walked the “Thor” red carpet. A faux-gold throne was erected in front of the theater.

Click the pics above and below for a photo gallery of red carpet arrivals in Hollywood and Down Under.

Most of the “Thor” cast members said they were so swept up in the evening’s festivities that they hadn’t even paid mind to the possibility of a sequel.

“The moment you start thinking, ‘What should I do with “Thor 2” or “[Thor] 3″?’ I think it’s over,” Branagh said.

“Sometimes people talk about saving stuff for movies. I wouldn’t do that. Put it all in the first one,” he joked.

It also will take the film’s producers a few months to absorb how “Thor” is received, Branagh said.

“And then I think it’s during that time that I guess one would figure out whether Marvel is prepared to write the check and whether we’re ready to write the stories.”

Hemsworth, who stars as the Norse god in the movie, said that when he signed on to “Thor” he wasn’t bothered by the possibility of being locked into a popular franchise for a number of years.

“For me, I was happy to get a job. I fell in amongst Anthony Hopkins and Kenneth Branagh and Natalie Portman and a film like this, it was a dream,” he said. “It wasn’t much hesitation. It was, ‘Sign me up.’ ”

Dennings echoed that sentiment. “The thing is, it’s kind of the dream project, so if I’m needed in any sequels, I’d be more than happy to sign my life away.”


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Most older brothers are already intimidating with their married lives and successful start-up companies and fixed rate mortgages, and, like, by the time you’re JUST graduating college, they’re already making triple figure salaries and you just feel kind lame and sad. But then there’s Liam Hemsworth. He’s the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor. Like THE Thor. You know, that gigantic blockbuster movie also starring Natalie Portman that’s coming out this weekend. Yeah, well, he’s the ENTIRE MOVIE. That’s a doozy. Suddenly, our family strife doesn’t seem soooo bad, considering Liam has to follow in Chris’s gigantic, viking-hammer-swinging footsteps.

But you know what? Even though Liam is 6 years younger than his older bro (he’s only 21!), he’s putting up some serious style competition. While his brother Chris dressed up in black suit, crisp white shirt, and a royal blue tie, Liam opted for something a little more West Coast cool. He wore a black tuxedo jacket, black V-neck tee, dark wash skinny jeans, brown lace up boots, and aviator sunglasses. Both Hemsworth bros have some serious facial scruff, and we’re into that, but Chris gets bonus points for the perfectly-molded side swoop hair. I mean, we do appreesh Liam’s wash-and-go hair, but Chris’ ‘do takes straight up talent. It’s super duper hard to pick a favorite because Chris is all hot and manly and appropriately overconfident in his suit, while Liam is approachable and cute and just READY TO HANG, y’know? Ughhh, this is so hard. We KNOW who Miley Cyrus would pick if she were here right now, but we can’t be biased. So, we’re torn. Or should we say, we’re THOORRRN. Maahhahahahaha. Too much? Yes? OK, we’ll stop. (ed note: Look! We stopped. It’s a Mjöllnirical! GAHAHAHAhahahhaha. Get it? Mjöllnir x miracle as a portmanteau? What?! NO, YOU’RE THE NERD.)


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The summer’s first superhero movie, “Thor” (coming May 6), features Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder in this adaptation from Marvel Comics. Hemsworth will reprise the role in superhero supergroup movie “The Avengers,” which is currently filming, but his most recognizable film role to date was as George Kirk, James Kirk’s father, in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” reboot.

Prior to that, the Australian-born actor only had TV roles to his credit, the biggest of which came on the Australian soap opera “Home and Away.” You’ll get to see more of Hemsworth later this year in the horror flick “Cabin In the Woods” and the remake of “Red Dawn,” where he’ll take on the role of Jed Eckert, played by Patrick Swayze in the original.


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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Thor’ star Chris Hemsworth has emerged as a front runner to star in Snow White and the Huntsman, the Universal fairy tale that also Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. Rupert Sanders is directing. Hemsworth’s stock is up as Thor continues to clean up overseas in anticipation of Friday’s domestic opening for the Kenneth Branagh-directed Marvel film. It isn’t clear yet whether Hemsworth will take that role. Stay tuned.


02 May 2011 Melanie || Headlines & Rumors, Videos

And a hearty welcome to Hollywood Crush’s first-ever Dystopian Week! For the next five days we’ll be taking a look at all things futuristic and bleak in YA literature. (It’ll be much more fun than it sounds…promise!) We wanted to kick the week off on a high (and very hot) note, so without further ado, we bring you this adorable clip from “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth!?! you may be asking. What does he have to do with sticking it to the man? WELL, you may recall that last month the Aussie actor divulged that he was younger brother Liam’s line-reading partner while he practiced for his “Hunger Games” audition (meaning Chris played Katniss to Liam’s Gale).

When we caught up with Chris recently to chat about his upcoming flick, we just had to see his Katniss up close and personal. We crafted a short script from the opening moments of Suzanne Collins’ dystopian trilogy (the scene in which Katniss and childhood friend Gale go hunting) and asked Chris to give it a read—in character, of course.

Press play on the clip below to watch Chris and our own Josh Horowitz reenact the “Hunger Games” scene. You won’t be disappointed.

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02 May 2011 Melanie || Headlines & Rumors, Thor, Videos

Regular readers know that a few weeks ago, Thor’s hammer (and helmet and toys) turned up at MTV Splash Page HQ, courtesy of the good folks at Hasbro. Your friendly neighborhood editor gladly set aside his pride to call down the imaginary thunder for your amusement, and when “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth dropped by the newsroom recently to talk about his upcoming film, we couldn’t help asking him to do the same.

In the following video, you can see for yourself what happened when I asked MTV Movies editor Josh Horowitz to bring along Mjolnir for his interview with Hemsworth.

That’s right — we got a first-hand lesson on how to wield Mjolnir, complete with a few hammer tosses. You’re welcome.

“There are very flamboyant spins you can do, and little flips even,” Hemsworth told MTV News of the proper way to wield the famous hammer. “Other than that, it’s about brutally swinging this in the direction of your enemy and ending things.”

However, when asked to demonstrate some god-like moves and dialogue, Hemsworth decided to let his on-screen performance do the talking… and the hammer-swinging.

“What would [Thor] say? You’ll have to see the movie,” he laughed.

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Not familiar with the Hemsworth brothers? It’s a safe bet you soon will be. These fresh Australian exports are slowly making their mark with defining and lead roles in modern classics such as Star Trek, The Last Song and comic book hero adaption Thor. But don’t be fooled, these roles haven’t just landed in their laps overnight. The Hemsworth brothers have been in show business for years and have finally begun to make themselves recognisable household names.

Luke, Chris and Liam were all born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. The sons of Leonie and Craig Hemsworth, the family later relocated to Phillip Island, south of Melbourne. The three brothers have always been close and spent a majority of their time together, mostly lapping up the Australian sunshine while pursing their hobby of surfing. While the two older brothers, Luke and Chris, knew from an early age that they wanted to go into acting, it took younger brother Liam a little while longer to be infected with the acting bug. Liam originally laid floors before deciding to follow his talented brothers and venture into acting. His first order of business was to get an agent and he found no trouble in catching the eye of the talent scouts, landing his first audition at the age of sixteen.


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